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So! Guess who's been way busy the last month or three?

[He seems to have his usual pep back, though -- or at least enough of it to put up his preferred brand of brave face, the one that involves acting like he doesn't even notice that there's anything he should be bothered by.]

[Like he's not still mourning the loss of a friend and mentor, and like things aren't going to Hell in a handbasket faster than he can keep track of, and like "way busy" doesn't mean "flying all over two continents to have emergency meetings with charity workers and activists, putting himself out there for news interviews and congressional hearings, flinging relentless never-give-up optimism in one direction and fiery, righteous rage in the other with an energy that seems a little bit impossible considering that he's been on the road so much he can hardly remember not being jet lagged, or waking up and being 100% sure what language he's supposed to speak when he gets out of the hotel room, or just waking up in his own bed with his husband there making coffee." Regular news-watchers (or followers of his very active social media accounts) are very likely to have spotted him at anti-discriminations rallies in the US and half the countries in Eastern Europe in the last few months, or dressed up in a suit and throwing barely-veiled shade at political candidates on CSPAN, or doing all the damage control he can possibly manage to do on some morning show or other, made-up for the cameras and smiling cheerfully.]

I mean, I've been around a little and all, just like not as much as usual I guess. But I heard we've had some familiar faces around here lately, so like, nobody be a stranger, 'kay~?

Oh! I know we're like, halfway through Advent, but just a reminder, Holy Cross could totes always use any kids who wanna be in the Christmas Pageant. And they're having a food drive until Christmas and a Christmas dinner for the homeless, so no boring excuses, I totally wanna see people pitching in!

...Right, and like, Political Science students? I know we missed a couple classes there, and it's totally my bad, so I'm gonna move some of your assignments up to next month, and hold some seminars to make up for missed time. Friday nights, I'm thinking? You kids probably need something to keep you out of trouble on Friday nights, anyway!

So what have I been missing here? Tell me everything!


Nov. 20th, 2015 10:26 pm
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I got the newest "Specter Clock" game! It was in development when I was still asleep, so I'm excited to play it! (((o(*゚▽゚*)o)))

A lot of bad things have been happening lately. In the game, all these things are blamed on ghosts. The main character goes around trying to make friends with these ghosts so they stop causing trouble, so it seems like a good way for everyone to take a break remember what's important.

My friend code is [pretend there's one there but if you want my nds code y--you can ask...]. If you want to battle, I am always up for a challenge!
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[Liir paces nervously, something unusual for someone generally low key. He clears his throat.]

I just wanted to tell you that...My name isn't Liir Ko. It's Liir Thropp. I'm the son of Elphaba Thropp, the so-called 'witch of the west'.


[Liir appears, looking a little nervous but somewhat calmer than he was earlier.]

Fellow students and staff of the Xavier Institute: there is something about myself that I've been hiding which I'd like to tell you...My name isn't Liir Ko. It's Liir Thropp. I'm the son of Elphaba Thropp, the so-called 'witch of the west'. I came here, not as a foreign exchange student, but under Proffesor Xavier's protection, which I'll always be grateful for. I've seen the very human side of one of our mutant leaders up close. And knowing that I'd like to ask you to please not judge Claudine Renko too harshly. Being a leader takes a terrible toll on you. It makes you grow around the pressure it places on you, like a...tree growing against a clifface. Someday I think she'll go back to being Renko, Leader of Mutants. And when she does I think she'll avoid repeating the mistakes Magneto and my mother made.

Thank you for your time and I'm sorry for the deception and the implied egotism of making such a big announcement.
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I hope everyone is going to come back to us okay this time.

I mean...We've had enough things to worry and make us sad for one year I think.


Oct. 2nd, 2015 07:55 am
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[Reki appears outside, smoking. It's early evening. She likes the chill and the night.]

I knew Mr. Wagner. He had a gift for making things seem exciting. It's ironic that he was codenamed Nightcrawler, because he had the sunniest personality of anyone I've ever met. Things are a little less bright without him around, but we'll soldier on and make his sacrifice worth something.

Even I'm doing my part and if you're the type, I think you can help me. I'm forming a team whose main focus is gonna be information gathering and undercover operations. You don't have to have powers that work that way or look like a baseline [She stretches her small wings so they protrude above her shoulders for emphasis], but you've gotta be patient and willing to learn. If that sounds like your kindof thing, come see me. Charcoal out.
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So. Powers.

[That was unusually straight to the point for Luvander, but the whole virus ordeal - or rather, his complete inability to do anything about it - has taken its toll. He's on edge, frustration fraying even his generous amount of optimism.]

Mutants can, if you allow the melodrama, perform miracles - and from what I've learned of Christianity so far, we all know how appreciated that tends to be. I consider it astonishing that no one has tried to nail me to anything yet, personally.

[More than a bit sacrilegious, but his sense of propriety was pretty limited to begin with, and the current situation isn't helping.]

The point is that quite a few of us can do things which no amount of human ingenuity has managed to replicate yet, and it follows that we can help people in ways that would otherwise be impossible in this day and age.

But no matter how powerful, a human being is by default a finite resource. We cannot, as the saying goes, be everywhere at once. So who do we help? Who do we prioritize?

[He smiles brightly, spreading his hands, but there is a mocking edge to his voice.]

Growing up, I was told that the person I should prioritize above anyone was myself. Because of the nature of my power, I was always worth more alive than anyone else - if I sacrificed myself for someone else, the finite resource that is me would run out. No more miracles.

What do you say? Sounds terribly reasonable, doesn't it?
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Classes are underway now, and anyone registered for mine should have received their syllabus and schedule by now. Reaction papers on the first few weeks' readings are due in class on Friday. My policy regarding late work is the same as always.

Kendo club has been meeting through the summer, but if anyone's interested in joining for the fall, they should let me know. I'll be available after regular practice if anyone wants to spar with me personally.

That's all.

[He's just going to focus obsessively on the things he can do. That's how to handle losing a close coworker, right?]

8 [Video]

Sep. 25th, 2015 11:45 pm
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[Krista takes a deep breath.]

...I wanted to say I'm sorry, for getting so carried away. I shouldn't have...

I shouldn't have done a lot of things.

I'll work hard to make up for it!

[ video ]

Sep. 24th, 2015 07:21 pm
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I have a small request.

[Sandry tugs at the end of her braid, a little unsure of what will result of her question.]

Would someone be willing to teach me how to do my own laundry? There was always... someone to do the laundry at home, but now I'm here and I really think I should be able to do this myself. But I don't really know where to start.

[She heaves a sigh.]

I mean, is it really necessary to make your own laundry soap? That seems a bit much.

[Yeah, she wandered into various corners of the internet in her attempts to research this herself and only succeeded in confusing herself more.]
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[Zancrow turns on his camera and looks into it, frowning. Hard]

How the fuck this school thing work?

I did the summer homework, [Sorta] And all that crap.

I haven't done this shit since I was, like, eleven. What kind of classes are there? Are they useful? Let's be real, how useful is literature going to be in the field?
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[Feliks appears on screen as usual -- colorfully dressed, and brightly smiling.]

So, like, if no one else wants to, I'm gonna be taking care of the theatre club, at least for a while! Costume Club's still gonna be a thing, too, though. And classes are gonna start soon, so you should all totally sign up for mine!


[He sighs, dropping the Everything's Normal act for a moment or two, because there's really no way to act happy about it.]

There's. Gonna be a memorial service Saturday, at Holy Cross. Everyone's invited.

[Private to members of the rescue team]

[He's a lot more somber in this recording.]

...Thanks for your hard work back there. I know it was tough, and like, I know a lot of us are feeling pretty messed up about it? So, um. If you need to talk. Like. You know where to find me.


Sep. 16th, 2015 11:44 am
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[It's an announcement from Principal Munroe again. This time, her voice lacks the animation it once had.]

Students. Staff.

I wished to report on the success of the recovery mission. I am…afraid that report has been marred by tragedy.

Kurt Wagner, our performing arts instructor, has succumbed to the virus.

All other residents have been recovered safely.

...I understand we have asked much of you, but we cannot delay the start of instruction any longer. Classes will resume by the end of the week, albeit under a reduced workload.

Crisis counseling will be available should you need it.
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[An announcement finally appears on the school network, with Principal Munroe speaking. Her voice is grave, but professional and steadfast as always.]

Students and staff.

As you are aware, there have been a number of disappearances from the school’s infirmary, specifically the quarantined area. There is no current exposure risk to students, and the location of the missing patients has been found.

Classes are postponed until we can get them back.

We ask for your patience in dealing with this matter.

[Private message to the recovery team: Shulk, Joss, Meiling, Reki, Rinka, Kisume, Feliks, Yuui, Greg]

You are needed in the hangar.


Aug. 16th, 2015 04:32 am
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[Hello, have a huge purple elf with metal dreads and a large mask on his face.]

Good evening, Xavier's! Guess who's back?

[His 'voice' is somewhat robotic and his hands move in ASL at the same time as his mask translates.]

Let me tell you, exploding houses and getting mistakenly kidnapped to the sewers is a really weird vacation. For those who do not know me, I'm Zian Mardovich, the school nurse.

[Have a little wave and a smile of giant shark teeth behind the mask. Yep, Grade A dork right here.

With the introduction done, however, he looks a bit more serious.]

I'm also here to lighten the load a bit for Dr. McCoy and the other medical staff. My healing abilities and supercharging of the immune system should come in handy to fight this virus. It is also part of why I've been gone for a while.

...please visit the nurse's office at your leisure for a boost and a checkup.
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I totally know you all missed me, so I'm not even gonna bother asking about that part. Just so you know, honeymoon was kickass, there's tropical fruit-y candy in the lounge by the cafeteria, and if it's cool with the doc, you should be getting some in the infirmary soon, too. And something a little stronger in the teachers' lounge, which I'm gonna say is our official apology to everyone who's been dealing with us for years but especially the psychics.

Now... First things first! There are links at the bottom of this post to petitions for the US congress and the UN to funnel emergency funding into research on the virus, a special Red Cross relief fund, and a fund to help provide training to members of Doctors Without Borders so they're ready to deal with any cases that pop up in their areas. Even if it's just your signature or a Facebook share, whatever you can give would totally mean a lot!

Moving on to the really important things: I'm sure you're all aware, because he won't shut up about it for like 3 seconds, that Norman Osborn is running for President.

I'm sure you're also aware that his hair is just, like, a literal crime against humanity.

Please discuss what it most reminds you of, preferably on Twitter, hashtag LooksLikeNormansHair. I'll go first.

[He holds up a photo of Osborn photoshopped with Chia Pet hair, the hashtag scrawled across the bottom in purple ink.]


[...He then turns it over to reveal the original of the same photo, the words "now with ridges for Her Pleasure" written in the blank space. He gives the camera a not-even-sorry grin, then cuts the recording.]


Aug. 3rd, 2015 01:43 am
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[Greg has his camera set to face a stage in the music area. He has every instrument set up that he could think of set up on the stage, so that anyone else could join him, if they want.]

"I know a lot of people are sick, and I've been told my mutant power can't help. But... my father pointed out to me... there are more ways to help and to heal. So... I will be rocking out as long as I can keep it up. Anyone else who isn't sick is welcome to come help out. Tune in if you want, something to listen to, something to do, and a reminder that there are those of us out here still, wishing we could help."

[That said, he swung his guitar around to his front, and turned it on. It was his newest electronic axe, and now... now it was being put to a good cause. It was all Greg could think of to do.]

[He took a deep breath, then began to play. He started with a power ballad, but would go through every genre he could think of many times over before he would stop.]

((OOC: this post is open to reply by video, posts of people watching that don't need replies, or in person replies from people who want to play alongside him. If not aided or stopped, he literally will play until he has no more power - mutant or otherwise - to keep standing, keep moving.))


Jul. 25th, 2015 01:10 am
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[There is the sound of something hitting the wall and and floor rhythmically for a moment before Meiling speaks. it continues through out the recording.]

Is it just me or is the fact even when things are bad and we think it can't get any worse in any way, shape or form? Yeah, kinda tired of being proven right every time I look to someone I consider a friend getting hurt or whatever.

[Of course now is the time that rhythm breaks and you hear the unmistakeable sound of a tennis ball hitting someone in the face..and them falling out of their chair.]

OW! What in tha-

[And shutting this off before she makes a ass out of herself more.]
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You know what the worst thing is about getting cooped up in the infirmary due to a mysterious mutant-afflicting illness?

A lot of things, actually. Managing to get my laptop dragged over is not one of them. The food's better here than any hospital I've been to ever.

No, the biggest thing that sucks about it, is not being able to do my bloody job. I like being a librarian, and hate being stuck not able to do it. I mean, it's a good thing I'm not - so that I don't risk infecting more people - but I'm still stuck here.
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[Oulan had been thinking about it ever since Jaqui had joined the school and expressed interest. She had 3 girls she could train which is enough to turn this into formal sessions. She decided a few days before that yeah she should talk to them about this now that her head was back in the right place.]

Hey girls. There are enough of us now I was wondering if you would want to form a more formal training squad. A club if you will. Training in boxing, maybe some sparring once everyone is healthy? I'd love to be able to make this a more formal thing with you girls. What do you all think? I may be banned from competition but being able to train you all formally would be my pleasure.

[Private to Krista:She sighs with a smile knowing Krista is sick and unable to really join]

Krista, don't worry about getting back right away. You were the first person i started training here so I know how strong you can be, even if you don't. Get better, get back, and next time they do training competitions you'll be the one knocking people around.


Jul. 22nd, 2015 04:12 pm
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[When Tenma switches his video feed on, his left side is covered in loose glitter, causing a tiny shower with every small movement. Behind him is a sign that is obnoxiously colorful and sparkling, but far less so than it had been the previous year. In giant, sloppy letters, it reads "JOIN THE SOCCER CLUB!". Patches of glitter has already fallen off, presumably on him. He brings a hand up to brush some of his hair back, leaving even more glitter on his temple.

He's not the very least embarrassed by it]

I know tryouts for all sports teams won't be for a while, but I wanted to let everyone know it's not too early to start practicing for the soccer team. We'll be having open soccer practices every morning until classes start again. Even if you're not planning on joining the team, you can still come and play!

I know lately it's been really tough . A lot of things keep happening, but we all need to remember we're still kids even if you're an adult.

[Unsure how to end it, but unwilling to show it, he just gives the camera an easy smile.]

So... I'll see you there!